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 CareGiver Solutions

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What is a caregiver?

A caregiver is anyone who provides help to another person in need. Usually, the person receiving care has a condition such as dementia, cancer, or brain injury and needs help with basic daily tasks. Caregivers help with many things such as:

grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking, shopping, paying bills, giving medicine, bathing, using the toilet, dressing, eating.

People who are not paid to provide care are known as informal caregivers or family caregivers. The most common type of informal caregiving relationship is an adult child caring for an elderly parent.


Other types of caregiving relationships include:

  • adults caring for other relatives, such as grandparents, siblings, aunts, and uncles
  • spouses caring for elderly husbands or wives
  • middle-aged parents caring for severely disabled adult children
  • adults caring for friends and neighbors
  • children caring for a disabled parent or elderly grandparent


No Monthly Fee Emergency Alert System with A Pendant You Can Actually Talk Through

Provides Caregivers with the ability to take care of those you need to and still leave the home. You have the freedom and comfort of knowing that if you need to go out for a bit they are always just one button push away. They can actually TALK to you through their wireless pendant anywhere in or outside in the yard. NO MONTHLY FEES.

Product details

Price: $279.95

1000 foot Wireless Intercom System

1000 Foot Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Intercom System

A wireless home or business intercom system that makes it easy to communicate between rooms without shouting or leaving the room. You can choose indoor, outdoor and/or doorbell 1-way communication or multiple monitor modes.
Product details
Price: $$74.99 - 139.99

Parent or Child Locator

Never let them get lost again. Instantly know where they are or if they wander away.
Product details
Price: $111.99 - 223.86

Wireless Vibrating Chime Personal Pager

Signal for help when you need assistance with a personal pager that chimes or vibrates. This wireless pager system lets you call for attention simply by pressing the button on the transmitter. The pager chimes loudly or vibrates. Ideal if you are confined to a bed, have limited mobility or work in a noisy office.
Product details
Price: $62.48

Door Wander Alert with Portable Wireless Chime

The Portable Chime will alert with a chime or vibrates when the door is opened. Can be placed on any door and frame, including on the refrigerator door, a medicine cabinet or a pool gate. Ideal for people with cognitive disabilities, like Alzheimers, or children who like to open doors.
Product details
Price: $58.94

Fall Guard Alert System

The Fall Guard Alert System will alert you if your loved one leaves their bed or chair.

It has a tamper-proof monitor that can only be deactivated with a key. It also has a voice prompt.
The Fall Guard Alert System will alert you if your loved one leaves their bed or chair.

It has a tamper-proof monitor that can only be deactivated with a key. It also has a voice prompt.
Product Details
Price: $149.62 - $164.09
Portable Video Monitor

Portable Color Handheld Video Monitoring System with Voice/Sound Activation

Portable Handheld Video Monitor with Voice Activation. See and hear what is going on even in the dark with the night vision feature along with a talking intercom. Also has a sleep mode that enables audio monitoring..
Product details
Price: $84.99

Wireless Call System

The Wireless Call System is an economical system that allows you to keep up with up to 30 people. Totally Wireless - No Cables To Run. Double The Notification - Know Which Call Button Was Pressed On The Pager and A Central Monitor Station

Product details
Price: $189.99

Portable Fall Alert for Cane, Walker or Wheelchair

Attached to your cane or walker, the alarm goes off automatically if you fall! Simple to put on and take off, can be moved between cane, walker and wheelchair quickly and easily. The loud (85 dB) alarm sounds similar to a car alarm siren. Great alarm for people who use a cane or walker.
Product details
Price: $48.30

Pull String Alert Monitor

The Pull String Fall Alarm with Magnet Switch clips onto a patient's clothes and lets caregivers know if the patient leaves their chair or bed. If the person tries to get up from their bed or chair, the string disengages the magnet and sets off the Alarm Unit. -Low cost fall and wander alert. -Helpful when caring for someone that may wander or fall when they are supposed to be in a chair or bed.
Product details
Price: $54.60

Two Pendant Paging System

The Two Pendant Pager System allows patients to get assistance when needed with the press of a button. When the button is pressed, signals are sent to the receiving unit which will chime immediately (up to 300 feet away). Completely wireless. Great for caregivers who need to be reached within the home.
Product details
Price: $76.99

Caregiver Internet Monitoring Camera System

Monitor your home, loved one or business LIVE over the internet and with your smartphone. Would you like to be able to see what is going on ... At The Front Door? At The Daycare? At The Office? At The Store? At Your Home? At Your Loved Ones home? 24 hours a day over the internet? You can make this happen.
Product details
Price: $99.99

Wireless Movement and Sound Monitor

This wireless movement and sound monitor gives you peace of mind. The Deluxe Movement and Sound Monitor keeps track of someone's movements so you can rest. The under-the-mattress sensor pad alerts you if no movement is detected for 20 seconds. The Monitoring Unit has a microphone that relays all noises to the Caretaker's Speaker Unit. Great for monitoring Elderly or Children. Comes with 2 portable monitors.
Product details
Price: $165.35 - out of stock


Remote Controlled Doorlocks

You will never need to give out a key again for a caregiver to have access to your home. Unlock and Lock your door remotely wirelessly from inside or outside of your home.
Product details
Price: $139.99 and up