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Mobility and Access


300 Foot Range Wireless Mail Receiver Announcer

The mail announcer will tell you when the mail is delivered. No more wondering if the mail is gone and no more wasted trips to the mailbox just to find it empty.
Product details
Price: $68.82


auto hang up


Make your phone line Never Busy with a Flashing, Loud Ringer Box Even When The Phone Is OFF the Hook!

Product details
Price: $49.99



The BEST Self Standing - Foldable - Height Adjustable - Bright LED Light - Wrist Strap.
Product details
Price: $19.99
steady spoon

Steady Spoon Level Spoon

Stabilizing and leveling handles with fork and spoon attachments designed to help people with hand tremor or limited hand and arm mobility
Product details
Price: $249.99


gel seat cushion

Gel Seat Cushion for Car, Desk or Wheelchair

The Gel Seat Cushion minimizes the pressure on your spine. Put an end to various aches and pains caused by sitting for too long! Distributes weight throughout the seat to help prevent 'sore spots'.
Product details
Price: $79.89

massage cushion

Contour Electric Massaging Back Cushion

Use the Contour Electric Massaging Back Cushion at work, in your home office or car to help improve your posture and reduce back and shoulder pain.
Product details
Price: $49.99


Cozy Car Heated Electric Blanket

What a great solution for those who want to be a bit warmer while traveling !
Product details
Price: $39.99

Portable Bed Desk and More

The Bed Desk is great for the extra work space you need in the bed, in the kitchen or work room. Portable, flexible and a lifetime manufacturer guarantee.
Product details
Price: $89.99

Rolling Cane

It's better than a walker. It's better than a quad cane ... it's a 'Rolling Cane".
Product details
Out Of Stock


Super Pole with Bar

A great support pole with a Bar that moves with you. See the video to learn more about this great device.
Product details
Price: $259.99

Aluminum Threshold Ramps

Aluminum threshold ramps for wheelchairs and scooters are a great solution to help you move easier through doorways.
Product details
Price: $55.96 and up





Home Support Pole-Grab Bar

Need support getting out of bed, in the shower, in the bathroom, down steps? This will give you something to hold on to while getting up, down and around. This floor to ceiling support pole is for you. Compare our prices to those that are $300 or more.
Product details
Price: $99.00

Deluxe Mobility Support Pole Grab Bar

The Deluxe Mobility Support Pole provides a moveable system to assist with standing, sitting or transferring. This Deluxe Mobility Support Pole provides a secure Gripping area for something extra to hold on to.
Product details
Price: $219.00 - Out of stock
door knob adapter

Door Knob Adapter

Convert that 'hard to handle' door handle to an easy to open lever.
Product details
Price: $36.77

Door Knob Adapter- Silver

Convert that 'hard to handle' door handle to an easy to open lever.
Product details

Door Knob Gripper (2 per package)

Door Knob Gripper covers enable you to grip and twist door knobs or round faucets with less effort. A small protrusion turns a round knob into a lever handle. Latex free covers. Easy to install without tools. A great alternative when you have trouble gripping a knob.
Product details
Price: $19.90

Lifting Cushion 195 to 350 lbs with Memory Foam

The Lifting Cushion is a self-powered lifting cushion that provides that extra lift needed to help you get in and out of any armchair on your own. Lifts up to 80% of your weight. Raises you up to 10" (to an almost standing position). Portable. For people who have trouble rising from a seated position.
Product details
Price: $196.16 - Out of stock

Lifting Cushion 95 to 220 lbs

The UpEasy Seat Assist is a self-powered lifting cushion that provides that extra lift needed to help you get in and out of any armchair on your own. Lifts up to 80% of your weight. Raises you up to 10" (to an almost standing position). Portable. For people who have trouble rising from a seated position.
Product details
Price: $117.59 - Out of stock

Firm Lumbar Support Cushion with Memory Foam

A great way to ride or sit! This cushion gives support for your lower back in the car or in your favorite chair.
Product details
Price: $29.99

Lighted Cane

The Lighted Cane has a bright white light that illuminates your surroundings. Push the button on the handle and the Xenon bulb inside will shed a bright light through the clear bottom half of the cane. Offset handle. Perfect for negotiating steps or illuminating the path in a dark garage.
Product details
Price: $43.99


Fall Alert for Chair or Bed

The Fall Guard Alert System will alert you if your loved one leaves there bed or chair.

It has a tamper-proof monitor that can only be deactivated with a key. It also has a voice prompt.
Product details
Price: $149.62 - $164.09


Pull String Alert Monitor

The Pull String Fall Alarm with Magnet Switch clips onto a patient's clothes and lets caregivers know if the patient leaves their chair or bed. If the person tries to get up from their bed or chair, the string disengages the magnet and sets off the Alarm Unit. -Low cost fall and wander alert. -Helpful when caring for someone that may wander or fall when they are supposed to be in a chair or bed.
Product details
Price: $54.60

Powered Lifting Cushion

This is an excellent way to help gently raise someone up from a sitting position. Electrically powered and portable!
Product details
Price: $198.78 - Out of stock

Swivel Seat For The Car (Dining Room or Desk Chair)

Just getting in and out of a chair can be so painful and difficult for some especially if you have hip or back problems. This is the answer!
Product details
Price: $31.55

The Car Bar

The Car Bar offers support to help you out of the car safely and securely. Push down on the Car Bar to help lift yourself out of the car. Support handle inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your car's doorframe. Helpful for people with injuries or physical challenges as well as expectant mothers.
Product details
Price: $45.44

Portable Fall Alert for Cane, Walker or Wheelchair


Attached to your cane or walker, the alarm goes off automatically if you fall! Simple to put on and take off, can be moved between cane, walker and wheelchair quickly and easily. The loud (85 dB) alarm sounds similar to a car alarm siren. Great alarm for people who use a cane or walker.
Product details
Price: $48.30

Car Caddie

When you need a little something to help keep your balance getting in and out of the car, the Car Caddie does the job.
Product details
Price: $29.99

Walker/Roller/Seat - 4 Rollators to Choose From

It's a walker, it's a roller, and it's a seat. Has vinyl padded seat and backrest. For anyone who needs a little help and wants to take a comfortable seat with you. Features easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes, comfortable seats and easy folding for storage and transport.
Product details
Price: $119.83 - $208.87

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